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industrial seals for chemical systems
Agiflon is able to supply both semi-finished and finished products made of PTFE fluorinated resins, NYLON polyamide, and polyoxymethylene (POM).

In our production plant in Paratico, in the province of Brescia, both standard and designed gasketsare produced in order to meet any need of different industrial sectors.

Agiflon is specifically competent in producing the following industrial items:

Metal bellows expansion joints suitable for low and medium pressures
Metal bellows expansion joints with simple and prolonged ridges, both standard and custom design
• Bellows glass valves
• Flat and rounded-off rings for virgin PTFE flanges or loaded flanges with flat sides or grooves
• Anti-extrusion rings (BK type) for medium and high pressure
• Split washers and elastic washers for sealing rods and pistons
• Slotted, flat-bottom gaskets for sealing valve rods
• Pumps and sealing gasket packs for static and dynamic seals.
• O-ring sealing gaskets for rods and pistons

Upon request, we can provide custom-designed items and standard O-rings, split O-rings, rubber O-ring coatings for static, dynamic and mechanical seals, seats for holding ball valves, rolling shutters and pipelines.
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